• In the modern era, the website plays a very important role in any business. It helps in the presentation of the profession at the world level. It helps in business development, production sales, and attracting a wide range of customers. That’s why, it is necessary that the website is designed by the best tactics, so that the organization can get the maximum number of visitors and make the highest profit. The website is a set of interlinked webpages for a specific purpose. Interactive, user friendly and creating a website with accurate and accurate information is a challenging task. The website should be designed so that it is informative to the user and that the user frequently visits him. If the site is professional, then it increases the number of customers. If the focus is on creating a website, this purpose can be achieved. In this chapter, the general principles of keeping in mind the planning of the website are discussed. We create a website using the KompoZer program and publish it on the Internet.

Planning For The Website

  • The development of good website is just like any other plan and an elaborate planning is necessary for it as well as the exercise, as well as the opportunity for success in the context of the usefulness of the website. In other words, the goal of creating a website can be achieved. Below are some important points to keep in mind the planning process for creating a good website?
Creating A Simple Website Using KompozerCreating A Simple Website Using Kompozer


  • The purpose of the website is to clearly define it. Before creating the website, its definition and goal need to be clear. A well-formed website helps the organization. The purpose of the creation of the website can be to provide information to a group of individuals, attract new customers or sell the product online. After the purpose of the decision, the contents of the website and the layout can be properly developed.


  • Before starting the work of the creative section of the website, it is necessary to have knowledge of the expected user, the website should have both general and detailed information. It should also include specific and easy information. The basis of the different types of information, the area and the father of the specialty is based on the interest of the expected audience. It is important to know the users’ expectation of the website, because that information helps in the development of appropriate content and profile of the website and ensures that the website is useful and successful, a more deserving matter is the speed of the user’s internet connection. If a large panoramic file is kept on the website, it takes a long time to download it. Sometimes the user also becomes anxious to wait for such huge files to leave the site. Therefore, it is desirable to include as many pictures and multimedia files as needed in the website.


  • It is extremely important to have complete and relevant information in the website. It is a block of 14, because it can not get the clear details, and if it is created, the user can leave the website. It is appropriate and appropriate to kill and maintain its interest in the website. The use of incompatible information can not frustrate the user, and if the information provided is incomplete, by putting appropriate and relevant information, the user will be satisfied Distribution of website contents in common and extended categories The content provides an overview of the site, organization, product and services and other items before the user. A brief explanation of the information is helpful in the search of the user. It points to the correct and clear details. And provides information about other available items in the site Content provides detailed information about the product and services to the user. The outline of the website should be that the user can easily get the information that is useful to him.
  • Text paragraphs should always be kept in the right length. If there is a large amount of content to be displayed on a webpage, it should be divided into small sections of text. By doing so, the user is able to easily find the necessary information easily. Navigation in the website should be as simple as possible. Migration from one page to another page should be easy, so that the user knows where he is and how he can be returned to the homepage. If the information of both types of general and specific are easily available, then the purpose of the website creation is over. A good website with good content remains a valuable tool for the industry or other organization. Like other tools, the website can also work best for the organization.


  • More people are now using the Internet through smartphones and tablets. While compiling the website’s profile to be compatible with all the tools like Commuter, Smartphone and Tablet, while preparing the website outline, it should also be kept in mind that Mozilla Firefox, Com, Opera and Internet Employer are properly displayed in all the popular web browsers.


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