8 Facebook Friend Requests you should Never Accept


8 Facebook Friend Requests you should Never Accept

Facebook is mainly about finding out old friends, connecting with them as well as making new friends. It is a wonderful tool for networking as well as connecting with people all over the world. In Facebook, friend requests play an important role, as well as they are delicate as well as can create problems. Many people have this bent of adding random people as well as snowballing their friends count. But there are several people you should not add friend because it might be invasive as well as can confuse your life. Sometimes, friend requests can get you into dilemmas as well as adding some people might become troublesome. As Facebook is all about your personal life as well as photos, it turns into a stalk book for some.  So, in the end it’s all up to you to decide whether those friend requirements are really worth compliant or setting them aside would be a better idea. Here are a few tips to help you to judge whether to add a person as a friend or not



Right from childhood, we have always been told not to make friends with foreigners as well as the same smears for Facebook too. Whole strangers should always be overlooked, unless there is a communication along with the request explanation who they are.  If there are no joint friends, there is really no point. Though, if there is a good aim for a stranger sending friend request, then you strength take it into consideration. Otherwise, hitting disrespect button is the best possible option because once you let someone be a part of your Facebook world, it could get uncooperative if you find out later that they can never be your real friend as well as instead just sent you a friend request to poke a nose in your life

7. Your Boss, Clients

It is continuously suggested that one should uphold a coldness between personal as well as professional life as well as that is why bosses as well as employees should never be friends on Facebook.  Being friendly with your managers as well as co-workers is good to maintain a healthy atmosphere but showcasing them your life in a public way can verify problematic at times. If there is no healthy relation between you as well as your colleague which can be inviting on dinner, family trips, then I would not acclaim you to try as well as make contacts with them on Facebook. Further, to deny any complaints, you can always tell them that you don’t use Facebook much.  Adding your boss as friend can create problems in circumstances like you take sick leave as well as go for trip trips as well as he sees all your photos. It is risky to use Facebook during work if you have added your boss as friend because they will know through your updates that your face-booking as well as not working. By adding your boss, you can no longer talk about what a bad day you had at work as well as what an annoying boss you have. Thus, ignoring the friend request of your boss is the best option

6.Your Child

Parents have every right to keep parts of their lives secluded from their children. Limits are a good thing. Yes, you must keep a check on your child as to what they’re doing online as well as who has access to their info, but you might not like your kids to restrict in your Facebook profile as well as have access to your diverse info

5. Professors

I think you should have a different relationship with your professors, as it is very tough to have a friend relationship. Having your professor as Facebook friend could hurt your honesty as well as relationship with them if you aren’t careful sufficient. Pictures of you partying, drinking; your status as well as wall posts might create a bad image of yours in your professor’s mind. Your lecturer shouldn’t know every single detail about your distinct life as well as you shouldn’t know every single one of his or hers. Not being friends with your professor on Facebook doesn’t mean that you can’t chat about class as well as go to them for instructive guidance when desirable. It only means that you don’t need to see pictures of his latest special seconds. It is not dedicated to befriend your teacher on Facebook.

4. Bad Stalking Friends

Facebook stalking has become very common as well as a serious issue these days.  Many people have the tendency to peep in someone’s timeline or wall as well as stalk them regularly. It is complicated to deal with a situation of being stalked on Facebook. If the person stalking you is pinging you every time you’re online, sending you constant messages in your inbox, is always commenting on as well as liking all your posts as well as photos, as well as is barely leaving you alone, your response can range anywhere from irritation to frustration as well as finding it unpleasant, difficult to deal with, as well as overwhelming. However, the intention behind the person bothering you matters; as there is a huge difference between friends as well as family members checking your updates as well as online information as well as a person who is clinging as well as commenting over everything you do. The best way to get rid of such bad stalking friends is to ignore their friend requests because Facebook stalking has become very serious as well as should be dealt properly.

3. Your Relatives

Sometimes your relatives can create serious mess in your life by keeping your parentages updated about each as well as everything you do. It is exasperating to have families that are older than you reading your stuff. Through your results, they would be the first being to post on your wall as well as punish you. Addition cousins on Facebook can also prove dangerous; as they just might   go as well as tell about your updates to their mom who is going to tell your mom as well as then it’s successful to come back to kill you. Everyone has their limits as well as level of privacy on how complicated they want their family to be in their lives, as well as everyone has only limited patience to deal with such nosey families.  So, it is not a safe idea to receive friend request of your relatives on Facebook.

2. Your Ex-Girlfriend/ Boyfriend

Facebook is all about developing relations, keeping your friend efficient as well as interactive with them. It is an extension to your personal life. So, adding your ex after your relationship might not be a good idea. You can simply ignore the request, or send him/her an amicable message saying thank-you for the request but you feel it’s best not to be redid. The more updates you get to see of that person, the more difficult it would be for you to get over things as well as move on. It could also save feelings of anger as well as frustration from the relationship. At times, it is alluring so be updated about your ex’s life as well as to know what they are up to, but you’ll probably get much more material you foreseeable or wanted which might create problems as well as chaos in your life all over again. However, you can always give a thought to add your long ago ex. It is OK to start things afresh as well as keep regular friendship by patient the friend request.

1. Your Parents

 For your mom as well as dad, you will always be their cute little innocent baby as well as it is very difficult for parents to switch roles from parent to a friend so easily.  For a parent, it will always be annoying to see his/her child drunk or in other states or conditions the parents were completely unaware their kids were in. It can be annoying or even embarrassing when your parents barges in on your chats as well as comments something mushy or blunt on all you post. If your parents are constantly harassment your page as well as bombing you with questions that make you feel like you have no social life or privacy, then it would be practical to not to accept their friend request.  On the other hand,  there is always an option of adding your parents as well as varying your privacy settings as well as beating unwanted things from them

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