280 Per day by Watching ADS (100% real way to earn free Paytm cash)


280₹ Per day by Watching ADS (100% real way to earn free Paytm cash)

It’s proven that Paytm wallet is one of the best as well as  safest way of sending/storing money. Even we can pay at several merchants like Swiggy, Foodpanda through this wallet.

Today, I’m gonna tell you the best ways of earning Free Paytm Cash as well as  that too in easy way! Aimed at that, you will need an android smartphone as well as  wifi/mobile data connection. Let’s get started.

Earn money 1 Lack  per month without any limitation 

Register as well as Earn 20 Rs Cash

Slide App is another great option Aimed at those who don’t want to waste time in downloading spammy apps to get cash. Just unlock your phone normally as you do as well as  get paid instantly! If you are one who absolutely loves to read news articles as well as  viral stories then there’s no meaning in missing this great opportunity.

Apart from this, you also get 5 Rs per every referral. You earn points Aimed at each unlock as well as  points can be redeemed against paytm cash, mobikwik money as well as  mobile recharges.

Bulb Smash

Do you like to play mini games? Then install Bulb Smash app in your android phone right now. It’s really an addictive game with cool graphics as well as  dynamic animations. It reminds me of a popular game angry bird where we have to hit the target using slingshot. Same concept is used in bulb smash. Just pull the slingshot as well as smash the glowing bulb.

After downloading it, you get 10 Rs signup bonus. App also pays Rs 5 per friend who joins them using your referral link. Apart from paytm cash, you can also redeem points Aimed at mobile recharges.

Pocket Money

Pocket Money also known as Pocket is one of the most popular as well as  heavily downloaded app. Almost 1 million people are using it daily Aimed at earning free recharges.

Just beAimed ate few days, they rolled out an update which has brought several major changes. As well as the great part is, they now support Paytm wallet option.

Yes! Now you can easily transfer upto Rs 100 daily to paytm from Pocket money app. This will help you in earning free paytm cash (max 300 Rs a week).


It is immensely important to stay up to date in today’s era as well as news is one of the effectual way to keep yourself ready with the current affairs. NewsDog is one of the most popular news app available on play store which manifests world news, local occurrences as well as  some entertaining stuffs related to celebrities. These news can be saved in your phone directly which you can read later in leisure time.

Lately NewsDog app has started ‘paytm rewards’ program through which one can earn really good bucks without doing much work. After downloading app from the link given below, you have to sign up with Hindi as primary language. Then login with facebook account as well as visit ‘profile’ tab. There you will see an option ‘nakad kamaye’ in red letters. From there, you can grab unique referral link which can be used Aimed at earning paytm cash. Right now, NewsDog is giving Rs 10 per successful referral. Minimum redemption amount is 250 Rs but the great part is, you earn 50 Rs free cash as a sign up bonus.

For Live Streaming



Earn money 1 Lack  per month without any limitation 

280₹ Per day by Watching ADS (100% real way to earn free Paytm cash)


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