10 World’s Biggest Retail Giants 


10 World’s Biggest Retail Giants

Watching the Global Cheap is no less than experiencing a Roller Beermat ride, the higher it goes the faster it waterfalls. In the past few years the worldwide economy witnessed a go-slow that affected all the Trades and Industries. But notwithstanding these tough economic circumstances, there is one industry that presented continuous growth through this period – The Global Retail Manufacturing. Since 2010, the retail business has shown a reliable rise of 5% in their revenues per annum. More than 80% of the top retailers listed an increase in their retail income despite most businesses experiencing deteriorating total sales.

Now if we only reflect the Top 10 retailers as a group in contradiction of the Top 250 overall, we see figures that highlight the fact that no miracle these are the Top 10 ! The Top 10 have a much superior geographical print than the rest of the industry leaders joint. These retail giants have processes spread out in almost 16 countries. Even with new applicants coming-in into the retail market and overwhelming a obvious part of the market share, the Top 10 or as I’ll mention them – The Giants seem to be genuine and continue to grow and flourish even in this modest market. These top retailers function big-box format stores across their net. A big-box format store is characteristically a physically large retail founding also so called as a Super-Store or a Mega-Mart.

#10 Target

#9 The Home Depot

#8 Walgreens

#7 Aldi

#6 Schwarz

#5 Costco

#4 Kroger

#3 Tesco

#2 Metro AG

#1 Walmart

Wal-Mart is the acknowledged retail leader in North America and tops the worldwide list of retailers, but the company’s global operations in 15 countries outside the United States make just under 25 percent of yearly sales. Their Slogan “Save Money, Live Better” is very client friendly. The company is the world’s third largest public corporation, rendering to the Fortune Global 500 list. The business employs nearly 2 million people and is the main private employer universal. Wal-Mart has 8,900 stores spanning 15 countries under 55 different designations. In India, it functions under the name “Best-Price”.

Sumit Gulia

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