10 Weird Things you will find Only in India


10 Weird Things you will find Only in India

India – well if fact be told, I don’t have language to describe what an astonishing country it is. I think these wise language of Mark Twain would be sufficient, “India is the cradle of the person race, the origin of human speech, the look after of history, the grandmother of fable and the great grandmother of custom.” You won’t find any other state so diverse and sole. We are the world’s main democracy having the longest instrument of government in the world. We admit “unity in diversity” and follow it. India was once called the ‘golden bird”, we had plenty of wealth, riches, food; we were prosper when we were rob by the Mughals and then later occupied by the British. By the time we won our self-government, we were crippled with scarcity, illiteracy and money owing. It is a just beginning country and we have move towards a long way from anywhere we started our expedition. Though it is a pity that loads of instances of communal violent behaviour, riots, periods of harmony have tainted our history but we haven’t yet beyond our true culture. I am arrogant to be an Indian and I love my country. We Indians grew up listen to songs like Made in India, It happen only in India, suno gaur se duniya walo, etc. though there are belongings that make me sad. at the same time as writing this article I had trouble to think of high-quality things about India plus we will all admit that the state of affairs indeed is more disposed to the negative side. Though we have achieve so many things that any Indian will be arrogant to boast about but still we have a extended way to go. Here is a list of a number of of the things that make me proud and a number of that make me sad and certainly! these things come about only in India.


10. “Super” Train Journeys

9.  Open defecation and urination

8.  Caste system and Reservation

7. Animals are worshipped

6. People arrested for liking a Facebook status

5. Superstitions

4. Cricket is a religion

3. Traditions

2. Indian Cuisine

1. Diverse Culture

Sumit Gulia

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