10 Ways a Dad Wants His Daughter to Grow up


10 Ways a Dad Wants His Daughter to Grow up

A father is his daughter’s first wonderful hero and her best ever buddy for life. He is a man who is demanding yet too thoughtful, harsh at times yet incredibly  bitter and of course to his daughter he is the best ever human being existing on earth. These perhaps a few feelings a daughter has for her dad other than, what is running in a father’s mind at what time it comes to his offspring? The answer to this answer is what every daughter must know. These answer are not so easily available at what time you ask your father but when you presently try observing him in taking decision that is related to his daughter in addition to her life, he is one angry, arrogant gentleman who wants to give the most excellent to ‘his life’!

It’s not an easy task mounting up a child ,especially a girl child in this unkind world filled with what I would expression as ‘Nonsense’. A daughter, as she grow up day by day increases the responsibility winning her parents step by step. This accountability is definitely more on the father because he have a higher exposure to the society as well as  the surroundings. And if you be a girl child in addition to reading this, you would have had this surveillance we  so commonly see that if readily available is something that your member of the clergy doesn’t like in you, it first go to your mum and she tells it to you. This denotation,  your father makes sure that smooth the most sensitive issue that maybe the dressing sense, mistake you do in a crowd, your hair style etc etc be well communicated to you through your look after to make sure you are perfect in all aspect. These are few things which every girl child must know is absolutely running in her dad’s mind!

10. Independent.

9.As a responsible mother.

8.Accept the failure.

7. Act strongly to overcome failure.

6. To see success in all her endeavors.

5. To possess a strong all around growth.

4. To achieve academic success .

3.Not hurt anyone!

2. Attempt by support.

1.Being happy throughout her life!

Sumit Gulia

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