10 Tips on How to Overcome Shyness


10 Tips on How to Overcome Shyness

I am a 20 year old girl attending college as well as I am quite shy. When I was given this topic to write, the first thought that came to my mind was that finally I got somewhat that I could relate to. If you are no matter which like me then you must also feel very conscious at what time you are suddenly made the center of attention especially during some seminar where you have to address persons or you feel very alone when you have to go for a field trip anywhere you rarely know anybody. Most of the times when I am in such a situation, I will find for me a nice little corner where nobody would see me. It’s not approximating shy people are averse to all kinds of social communication but they find themselves uncomfortable in talking to new people or dealing with a different situation that they haven’t ever experienced before. every now and then people do not understas well as them as well as assume that they are uninterested in talking to them or they are full of attitude. I myself have suffered from all these biases as well as how it feels be in this position being judged by people who don’t know what you are going through.

Since all people are different, their shyness level also varies from mild to extreme. I consider myself to be on the number 5 on a scale of 10. But there are people who are in a worse condition. It is like they are not living but just surviving in a world where there is a cut throat competition to get ahead as well as people who are shy are at a disadvantage. Shy people find it hard to make friends as well as thus find it tough to cope up when they are in new surroundings e.g. when they move in to a new building or go to a new school or college. People who are extrovert as well as super confident, find their lives easier as well as fulfilling than those who are introvert. But you don’t have to worry, you can also have the life that you want where you can overcome these binding feelings of shyness as well as get that confidence to feel in control of yourself. Here are some tips that will definitely help you in overcoming your shyness.

10. Understand your shyness

9. Think of what you are good at

8. Start talking to people

7. Get familiar with different situations

6. Visualization

5. Reward yourself

4. Continuing Conversations

3. Loosen up a bit

2. Accept Rejection

1. Start to like yourself



10 Tips on How to Overcome Shyness


Sumit Gulia

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