10 Things you Do in College, Which you may Never do Again


10 Things you Do in College, Which you may Never do


College life was the best! Those were the best days of my life!” You would have most likely hear this from many people. Yes, certainly, college is an incredible chapter of life, which you will by no means get back. Your life take on a new revolve. The journey has many ups and downs. You change, for good. On the one side, you have to let go of your early days and babyhood and on the other, you have to hold adulthood and blame, slowly. Through all this, you will have the hold of parents, teachers and friends. College is everywhere you discover your ardour, build up your interests, make your mind up your career path and make friendships that last for a life!

I still memorize how nervous I was on my first day of college. I am cute sure that is how everyone would have felt. To board on something new, you will get the first jitters. You may begin anticipate. It does feel nervous to course into something so new and so significant.  But let me tell you, it is all for the good. You go through so many experience in college, both the good and the bad ones. But in the end you learn a lot and become a better person. It is an experience of a natural life.

10. Enjoying summer Vacations

9. Road trips with friends

8. Honing other skills

7. Crushes- your heart skips a beat!

6. Dressing up trendily

5. Last minute and group studies

4. Bunking classes

3. College Fests- time for fun!

2. Pursuing extra curricular activities

1. Hanging out with friends – what we miss the most!

Nostalgia! Nostalgia means friends! It means all those fun days which are now just reminiscences! execution out with friends is almost certainly what you will miss the most after college! Funny incident, silly fights and those times of hold up never fail to put a smile on your face! It is raw to bid adieu to your friends after expenditure many years with them and after having bond with many of them. Friendships and other relations have a particular place in our hearts. They added standard to our college life and made it so outstanding!

Sumit Gulia

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