10 Things that Women Can Do but Men Can’t


10 Things that Women Can Do but Men Can’t

Humans originally belong to mammal Kingdom but we are different from all other animals because we have mind, we can think. Among humans also, like in all other animal species there are two sexes male as well as  female, by means of  various biological differences. Being a social animal the sexual differences among humans have taken another form accompanied by means of  social as well as  cultural differences which has led the formation of the two genders, men as well as  women. In day to day life, we come across by means of various differences in the way of living of the two. These differences can vary from place to place in different cultures as well as  different societies. But throughout the history we have witnessed a kind of conflict between the two where we observe the development of the culture by means of  the subordination of women. But by means of  the modern times this scenario is being ruled out by means of  the acknowledgement of women’s importance. Today we find women working in every sector, achieving great heights in their respective fields.
If we look backward to find out the reason as well as  explanation for this historic subordination of one sex then as an answer we can think over the biological differences that has made both men as well as  women physically very different from each other. We see that by means of  time these biological differences played the role of making the ground for the successive social differences. Some activities were exclusively related to women as well as  these are termed as feminine.
But as time has changed so we find that now these activities are being looked from other parameters rather than their masculine or feminine aspect. Here in this article we have tried to point out some activities or things that are only done or performed by women as well as  the reason behind these may be biological limitations or it can be the social as well as  cultural. The motivation behind writing these is just an interesting look over on our present social set up where women is still primarily associated by means of  some activities as well as  things, in such set up we have tried to search out the fields where women is on edge. To write these was a creative exercise rather than proving superiority of any of the sex. The reader must enjoy it instead of taking any kind of offence.

Here is the list of top ten things that women can do as well as  men can’t:

10. Enjoying the convenience of wearing frocks and dresses:

9. Exercising the choice of Ms., Miss, and Mrs.:

8. Doing multiple tasks at one point of time:

7. Understanding emotions and expressions:

6. Celebrating more birthdays:

5. Pleasure of wearing pencil heels:

4. Quick response to baby’s cry:

3. Natural food providers:

2. Menstruation:

1. Giving birth:

Sumit Gulia

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