10 Things We Do, Which could Hurt our Parents


10 Things We Do, Which could Hurt our Parents

“The most beautiful thing in life is to see your parents amused, and knowing that you are the aim behindhand that smile.”  Parents are the most valuable gift from God to us. Why we are and who we are, is since of them. We cannot envisage what our lives would be like, without them! No one upkeeps for us and loves us as much as they do! They have loved you smooth before you were instinctive, from the time when you were just a cell. This kind of love is very pure, unselfish and unqualified. They are ready to expense anything, to make us happy. They try to make the ends meet, just to content our needs. They teach us life’s skills, standards and morals. We make them worry all the time! Yet, they persistently strive to make our lives better and more contented. When parentages are by our side, we have nonentity to worry about!

But many times, meaningfully or unknowingly, we hurt them. As children, our acquitted pranks may give them a lot of worry. But that we do accidentally and out of inquisitiveness. Our pranks amuse them, in fact. As we grow older, and particularly in teenage, a lot of clashes may rise between us and our parents. Our courtesies and bodies are bare to many changes, which makes us very disordered and indecisive. We will be put through mind boggling circumstances that may make us irritable. We tend to get angry at the smallest of things. Amidst all this, we vent it all out on our parents. It’s not their responsibility at all and yet, they end up getting shouted at. Ironically, they try to help us and it appears to us as if they are nosy with our lives. We should really go easy on them. Such things can actually hurt them and leave a scar in our association with them.  We should make negotiations and keep them happy. After all, let’s not forget that they have forwent a lot for us. They didn’t get angry with us when we were kids, so why must we be angry with them when we grow up

This is some thoughtful food for thought! We see so many parentages being abused by their own kids. They protest that they don’t take care of them when they are old! It is a wretched state of affairs! We ought to take good care of them and love them. Who else will? This article tells you ten things you do that could hurt your parentages. Read up!

10. When we lie to them

9. When we talk back to them

8. When we don’t do our best

7. When we go astray

6. When we go against them

5. When we blame them

4. When we don’t spend enough time with them

3. When we don’t respect them

2. When we don’t care for them

1. Physical abuse – the biggest culprit!

Sumit Gulia

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