10 Most Scariest Ghost Sightings around the World


10 Most Scariest Ghost Sightings around the World

Ghosts are nowhere and everywhere too. We all have caught of those many ghost tales from our heads, most of them were literature but yes there were some real ones also. No one has always been able to prove their being, yet they inhabit a big part of our culture. There stories are very effortlessly found on television and films; around fires and on the book defers completing both fiction and factual sections.

It is so interesting, how all of us abruptly have a scary story to share when sedentary with a bunch of friends or friends at night. Horror tales have long been a theme of discussion during all those night outs and sleepovers and we usually have one or more of those people with us, who get goose knocks with a least sound at night, which makes this story telling a hell lot stimulating.

Just like Casper– The welcoming ghost and the ghosts of The Christmas Carol, there are many others who have marked a place in history but unlike the past, these are recalled to haunt people in real life and not on-screen.

So, bestow few minutes of your time and get to know the 10 most general ghost sightings around the world.

  1. Greenbrier Ghost

  1. Kate Morgan

  1. The Bell Witch

  1. Dolley Madison

  1. Toni Jo Henry

  1. Ghosts of Forepaugh restaurant

  1. Richard Miller

  1. Resurrection Mary

  1. Chloe of Myrtles Plantation

  1. The Flying Dutchman

This one is the most general ghost sighting of all, each one of us had heard of it anywhere or the other and the story has also been careful for some great creations like the films Pandora and the Flying Dutchman, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, in the poem The Rime of Ancient Mainer, etc. The Flying Dutchman is the world’s most general non-human ghost. It is a fabled ghost shiparrow that has never made to harbors and is doomed to sail in the loads forever. According to the intelligences, the ship often seems with a hazy image or a odd light and signifies bad luck. Though the vessel has never been seen on land, but many detections of it are reported since the 18th century. It is also said that if it is spoke by another ship, then the crew of Flying Dutchman tries to send posts to the land and to the people long dead.

Sumit Gulia

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