10 Reasons Why Students Bunk College


10 Reasons Why Students Bunk College

College was once a coveted place for students, an intellectual arena to contest and debate and grow. This point of view is tangent to the thinking of today’s college-goers. The scenery of the college has shifted from purely intellectual based crowd with the commanding teachers to free spirit chilled out kids with care a damn professors. The qualities of punctuality, discipline the sincerity is replaced by playfulness, demanding-nature and slickness. The revolution in the education today is reflected in the attitude towards attending classes. Note, the point is attending classes not college. Students love college but attending classes is a different matter. Let’s take a look at why we dodge classes.

10 Reasons Why Students Bunk College

10. Friendship

If being with friends is on the agenda then class doesn’t make it to the list of options. The sport centers, the basketball badminton courts, the bike rides or the coffee shops. These Places and memories are what we remember in later phases of life. The bond that is forged outside is one of the finest reasons to dodge college for the input inside is zilch but outside you have your gang. So go out relax for you do need some stories to tell in future. We all have the feeling to run away with friends for couple of hours. When we adhere to this dream the fuzzy feeling is left behind. Life is easier with this feeling than with full attendance and straight As.

9. Love!

The song goes Love is in the air right! So what is the point of staying inside classrooms? The youth is the age of new love, first love. This experience cannot be traded for anything let alone the snooze feast of a lecture. The second most popular reason to bunk is to go meet your love. Coffee in winter, walks in rain and ice-creams in summer is just not possible from inside the class. Many a times the dodge game is played for the one, finding the one, staring at the one or waiting for one. College is the hot spot for theses activities and all of us at some point or other end up prioritizing this over classes.

8. Coaching classes

The assumption is that college is for the annual exams and coaching is for competitive exams. When the further admission is based on competitive exams students attend classes seriously. With the 4-5 hours classes the students just can’t sit in college for 6-7 hours. The education system today is confusing in the logical sense. Hence we take the option to pay in college for degree and classes for entrances to the next step of life. So we dodge the college and chill as the coaching is sufficient.

7. Curriculum

The constant revision in syllabus with the irrelevance to present technologies makes it stifling for students to attend the lectures. The college is a place to step up the intellect but few have the opportunity to realize this. Certain section of students finds the syllabus to be a drag and hence avoid classes. The forcefully fed spoonful doesn’t have to be swallowed, you can walk away. The present technologies are not taught anywhere and the Stone Age technologies are studied in details. At some point students loose interest and buzz off to a life of their own.

10 Reasons Why Students Bunk College

6. Classmates

The majority of college fun is in the classroom and the classmates matter. When you have different mindset about everything then gelling up with class is next to impossible. The fun is squeezed out of college and this is another reason why students avoid college. The peer pressure becomes too much to handle and this can have a very lasting impact on psyche. Parents hence prefer to keep students away from this unhealthy and troubling atmosphere. Students don’t like to separate from their old friends and if the friends end up in different depts. Or different colleges the class doesn’t have what it takes to keep students around.

5. Professors

The course maybe interesting, you look forward to learning the subject, you would really enjoy the peeling of the layers to get to the depth of subject. This feeling is faced by majority of people at some point in their student life. At that point we see the professor cutting to the chase. The favorite topics are avoided and the time is wasted on mundane talks. The knowledge base is not extensive. The scene from 3 idiots where we have definition of machines followed by throwing out ceremony for rancho? That is the point. We want to learn, if only we were taught and not lectured! This leads to a crossroad and many students opt out of classes to keep their interest alive

4. Teaching Methods

The professors end up reading out the notes or slides or the power point presentation. This makes no sense as we ourselves could do that and coming all the way to college and class for the reading sessions makes next to no sense. When finally we end up studying from notes why should we attend the read-out-loud sessions? The notes and Xeroxes are kept up for studying so the pen down method sounds absurd here. This question of students goes UN answered by parents, teachers, friends and hence the reason won in argument becomes go-to excuse for everyone.

3. Hobbies

With the different classes available like football, tennis, dance, drama, karate, guitar etc. the value addition is felt better outside than back in classrooms. The students are more easy and comfortable in purusing their own field of interests and hence the better things usually wins in a college where dodging is possible. The lecture hour is wasted without the share of knowledge and hence doing something productive is more interesting, anytime. The hobbies are given priority and hence the classes are neglected. This is one of the common answers to the question why do you bunk college. There is always a better option.

2. Life Skills

What is the point of mugging up when you will never implement it? Students want to have practical knowledge in their field and as the college doesn’t provide this students go out in their own pursuit. The practicality of the subjects is what allures them in the learning process and when that is left out of the syllabus students step out to fill their dreams. The industry experience and struggling for the passion is what drives students away from college. The contests and fests and tech-fests are something that holds gravity for students, participating in different events at different campuses gives strong exposure to students. This is usually preferred over college time.

1. Self-help

With the multi-faceted tests and exams and career strategy, the students believe in self-study. The professors are bound by syllabus and sessions plans and deadlines but the goals of students are different. The in depth study of some topics are important and the skim by method is enough for few. This tailor made procedures can’t be made for every student in every college. The career is finally made by the grades, rapport with the teachers and most importantly the knowledge base. This knowledge base is given due priority and hence students avoid college to pursue their dreams with the college and outside college as well. The college is no longer the temple of learning with the freedom to pursue intellectual wins; it is a corporate world today. Everyone uses it to the best of their advantage. When the student sees the advantage in being out of college they take it, period.



10 Reasons Why Students Bunk College
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