10 Reasons Children Hate Math


10 Reasons Children Hate Math

The danger previously exists that the mathematicians have made a agreement with the devil to darken the soul and to confine man in the promises of Hell.” — St. Augustine

While it is a generally acknowldeged fact that children dont need any aim to hate studies in the generic total, Mathematics, as a subject has learnt a formidable location in students’ list of subjects they hate. No substance if you are the class nerd or the one perennially-on-bunk , there has been that instant when each one in school has quizzed the very existence of maths in the prospectus, or at least went as far as getting unfulfilled with the subject.

Amazing as it may seem, we have hated different subjects over the years, history and astronomy being the top candidates for the second place, but Mathematics has been so reliable, just like its teachers who themselves forget all possessions and identities and formulae, unless the question has landed from NCERT which they have been education from, since 20 years.

Here are ten reasons children hate mathematics and its presence in the curriculum.

10) Rote-memorisation

9) Incompetent teachers

8) Tuitions

7) Too many books to refer

6) Formulaes and other laws

5) Calculations

4) Practical application, or the lack of it

3) Time consuming

2) The domain of the gifted

1) The pressure to score 100

While the weight to score well is not odd to maths, the pressure to score a perfect 100 is. It is a applied subject which always has only one correct answer, hence the child with adequate practice, devotion, hardwork and time should be able to notch a perfect 100. This pressure is another chief disgusting. Students, for the fear of being reproached and derided if they dont achieve the perfect score, move into the region where they hate maths beyond what it itself can amount. And there’s no formula to calculate their hatred.

Sumit Gulia

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