10 Reasons Children Hate going to School


10 Reasons Children Hate going to School

It is not rare to find tiny tots refusing to let go of their parents’ arms outdoor a red-bricked building called school. Just as predominant are the examples of teenagers staying back at home, feigning illness or upon other cleverly-devised excuses. Another chunk of students, though fewer in number are those found spoiling in the demonic pleasure of ‘bunking’ classes.

The crux, if studied prudently, is an dislike to school. And although like many other mysteries of a student’s mind, this hatred remains highly mysterious, especially since students are found desire for their school days within months of having approved out, here’s an attempt to explain the reasons why children hate going to school:

10. Celebrations:

9. Deadly Routine

8. School ambiance:

7. The weight they carry

6. Unimpressive Time-table:

5. Uniform

4. Bullying

3. Tests and homework

2. Teachers, and their teachings

There can be nothing more rejuvenating to attend the class of an enthusiastic, optimistic teacher. Nothing could be more excruciating than being coerced to sit in the lecture of a teacher who does everything to bring you down, lower your self-esteem, or is generally cranky/ eccentric.

1. Early to bed and early to rise:

The most agonizing task of the day is waking up. Add to that the early hours of beginning when school begins, and you have just the faultless cause for distress among school-children. Your home being far from school only makes substances worse. In order that you wake up in time to look anywhere near the epitome of a controlled, ideal student, children leave no stone unturned in regulating multiple alarms, getting goaded by parents, and finally wake up only when a overabundance of alarms have reverberated through the house and multiple sleeps have been taken provision of, much to their parents’ sorrow. To avoid this tumult at the enjoyable hours of dawn, children avoid going to the holy temple of education. And the ensuing chaos makes this reason the most relied-upon cause to hop a day at school.

Sumit Gulia

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