10 Most Racist Countries in the World


10 Most Racist Countries in the World

Racism is an dangerous form of chauvinism. Contrary to the popular confidence race is not just limited on geographical difference and telling the hereditarily different human phenotype, though it was a 19th century meaning of race of which  Africans had to face the nastiest . In 21st century race has come to include the vast differences on the ground of linguistic, ethnicity, culture, history, religion and societal association.

According to the more pacific caring theorists , world is woven with a mix of fabric that gives it its  colorful outline, each weave is different from the other and even if one was to become uncompleted the international cloth will fall into utter confusion. Pretty much clarifies the modern world situation marred by countless civil strife and terrorist activities.

Racism on the other hand drives the slice deeper into these differences and that’s one aim the lines marking one group from additional will never be blurry or cease to exist.  What really energies racism is the inappropriate belief that members of a certain race share some common physiognomies which results in that group being greater or inferior, desirable or hateful

10) India

9) Pakistan

8) Russia

7) Israel

6) Germany

5) Japan

4) Rwanda

3) Australia

2) United Kingdom

Did you know how Joker got his marks? He had different philosophies to justify ‘em but what the epic villain wore in the movie was a ‘Glasgow smile’ also known as ‘Cheshire grin’. Back in the 60’s hooligan firms were bigoted towards foreigners particularly Americans which were scornfully called the Yankees. The most shared crime was to give an alien the Cheshire Grin.

1) United States of America

Racial and ethnic taste has become a major issue and discomfiture for United States of America within the International fora.  African Americans, Asian Americans and Latin Americans also European Americans are still ignored by those who think of themselves as innate Americans ( far from the fact that the Red Indians were the unique Natives of what we now know as contemporary America).


Sumit Gulia

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