10 Must Watch English Animation Movies


10 Must Watch English Animation Movies

“I am home!”The house is shrilly silent.


I close the door at the rear me and the sound of the door end echoes around the hall.

“ Mom, where are you?” I wait for a reply, but the house remnants unstirred.  I go on to the kitchen, trying firm not to make a sound. All the while thoughts to myself -Where is mom? I enter the kitchen, the tableware have been washed and laid out to dry, incredible has recently been cooked, the oven feels warm. I snoop around the kitchen like a nature from a officer movie (I have a flair for the exaggerated!); I notice a post-it on the refrigerator. I pull it off, it says: Dinner is in the fridge.

It strike me like a bolt of lightning! My parents are away for the weekend! They had a stipulation at a choice and spa some 30 miles away from the city. They had been preparation it for weeks, a well deserve getaway! Home alone, I sing to for myself, mentally of course!

So what does a adolescent with an entire house to himself, a fully-stocked bar, a newly installed home theatre scheme do when they are home alone?

Animation movie marathon, of course! I put the popcorn in the microwave, dub the pizza delivery place, and go on with the project at hand.

10. Shrek

9. Ice age

8. Despicable Me

7. Kung Fu Panda

6. Ratatouille

5. Monsters, Inc.

4. Finding Nemo

3. Toy Story

2. Up


 ‘Eeeee… va?’

Far into the future, soil has become a huge removal ground and cannot continue life anymore. Humans have discarded Earth and now live in spaceship. WALL-E is a trash compressor, left to tidy up planet Earth. His sole friend is a cockroach. solitary find day, EVE, a scouting robot is sent to Earth to find evidence of life. WALL-E has fallen for EVE and as a voucher of his love gifts her a plant. EVE, in agreement with her ‘directive’ takes the place and is sent for by the home ship –  Axiom to study its within. WALL-E follows her to Axiom and a new series of exploit ensues. Will humans go back to Earth? Will WALL-E and EVE reunite? Will the place stay alive exterior the Earth’s impression? Go grab a DVD now!


Sumit Gulia

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