10 Important Life Lessons that Failure Teaches


10 Important Life Lessons that Failure Teaches

The toddler trying to match feet with his brothers, the tiny spider spilling over up the mighty wall, the obese female trying to manage her diet, the small ant transport its heavy food, an addict trying to give up his drug as well as a middling child irritating to excel in academics-in order to attain their goals everybody has to go past breakdown. now and then the purpose does not come devoid of complexity to you. One has to work. Really hard. when we are not able to achieve a task, or attain our goals as well as meet up to our outlook we are in a state of stoppage. This state has the ability to power us into grief as well as displeasure. stoppage is undeterred: the word itself is filled with the basic connotation of lack of enthusiasm but the take action of failing does not have to be. If hand well, failure can do uncertainty calming lives as well as ameliorating the human being as a whole. subsequent things are value facts from a failure:


10. We control our destiny

9. Taking failure as a positive thing

8. Never say die

7.Failure helps to overcome fears

6.Use failure as a weapon

5. Take calculated risks

4. Overcome procrastination

3. Accept your mistakes and blame yourself

2.What people say is their problem

1. Nothing is permanent: change is only constant

 breakdown taste really bad when it hits. It is unforeseen: creates pain, despair and despicable lull. But time is a great healer. It never remains same. However, tricky it may be, it changes. Failure is not the last end. Past cannot be distorted Let the bygones be bygones. Hence, session and brooding on it shall not be productive by any means. Past must be left at the rear there itself since no substance how long you hold on it cannot be tainted.


Sumit Gulia

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