10 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea


10 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

I say, right on! Is there whatever better than a nice, warm, heartening cup of tea? No! The unqualified answer is no, there is nothing more bracing, relaxing and filling than a cup of hot tea No one distinguishes  who or when tea was conceived or discovered but rendering to legends, Tea drinking started during the Shang Dynasty and the initial record of tea drinking goes spinal to the 10th period. If there is anyone out there who doesn’t gulp, guzzle, mouthful or sip this delightful, magical drink, I would insist that you start taking it not only for the details stated above but also for its many health welfares. It’s been proven that drinking tea can stop you from many diseases and reduce and calm you as well. Drink it hot, drink it cold, drink it sugary, drink it bitter, anyway you want it. Exotic, old-style, tasty and healing, tea or chai as it is usually known, packs in a amount health welfares as well.

10. Flu, be gone

9. Cancer fighting properties?

8. Controls Blood pressure

7. Slimming?

6. Fights Tooth decay

5. Hydrates the Body

4. Healthy Bones

3. A healthy brain

2. Antioxidants

1. It keeps you happy

As the old saw goes, a happy person is a fit person and tea can certainly donate a lot in making a person better. This seemingly simple drink packs in so many benefits that are incredible to neglect. Dopamine which is shaped in the brain makes you feel happy and you feel a haste of dopamine after doing any agreeable activity like having your preferred food or sex. Tea is one brew that boosts this neurotransmitter. There are so many fit and herbal teas obtainable in the market today, from lime tea to black, hibiscus, ginger, chamomile, tea which are all similarly useful. Tea keeps you hydrated, somewhat than dehydrated as it was earlier supposed and when your body breaks hydrated, your skins starts healthy-looking and your face seems much smoother and soft. It helps you wind down after a hard day’s work, great pressure reliever and even studies presented that those who drank a cup of black tea were talented to de pressure faster.  Can you imagine your dawns without drink or evenings for that matter? Hazy eyed and astounding towards the kitchen, a cup of tea is the first thing I hold in my pointer every morning.

Sumit Gulia

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