10 Dangerous Ways Internet is Misused


10 Dangerous Ways Internet is Misused

The internet has been a consecration to humanity. It has made life easy and aided technology recover. We can’t imagine living deprived of e-mails and video calls and not to overlook Facebook! It’s really astonishing how much we rely on Google to search info. School work, research, study physical and what not can be originate on the internet. But with the advantages of the internet, come its disadvantages too. No creation of man can be perfect. Though the advantages of using the internet are many, we cannot have enough money to ignore the difficulties.

10. E-Mail spamming

9. The well of Negativity

8. Pranksters

7. Time Wastage

6. Hacking

5. Posting fake advertisements

4. Cyber Bullying

3. Piracy

2. Identity Theft

Yes! Internet steals your ID. First, our info is more easily nearby to the criminals through the malware softwares we all fall wounded of. Second and more highly, whatever we put up on social media websites is nearby to a lot of people. You have an explanation on orkut/ facebook/ twitter/ Google+/ any other social website? If yes, can you pledge that you are well familiar with all people in your friend list and that none of them has a false account? NO! You Can’t. And the result is a tragedy of which a lot of people have been a prey. Not only is the individuality stolen but also the pictures are collected and used in brazen places; porn sites, brazen ads are just to name a few. BEWARE!

1. Porn

Quite certainly, porn is the one of the most popular misappropriation of internet. The internet has made it very easy for people to have admission to pornography. When minors are bare to pornography, it always has a bad effect. They are not mature sufficient to understand about the moral features of sexual contact and watching porn creates a wrong insight about coitus in their vulnerable minds. Common problems that rise are chronic

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