10 Most Dangerous Plants in the World


10 Most Dangerous Plants in the World

Every time I see an important person get a paper cut, I think of David & Goliath. keep in mind how the tiny little David took on the fiend that was Goliath, paper cuts are no dissimilar.  They are a story of how a puny little piece of paper took down the unwary monster – Man. A paper-cut has been liken to the “Wrath of a tree”; a tree’s retribution for the cold-blooded murder binge that man calls awkward. In my opinion, paper-cuts are more rude than aching. Whoever unsurprising a paper to cause such maim! But this s precisely why we should be frightened, be very frightened.

Not only has Momma natural world enable plants to supply us with the life-sustaining oxygen but she has also cleverly ready with their personal brand of bullets and issued them a License to Kill.

10. Angel Trumpet

9. Mala Mujer aka Bull nettleTread-softly and Finger Rot

8 Castor Bean Plant

7White snakeroot aka White Sanicle or Tall Boneset

6.  Rosary Pea aka Jequirity or Crab’s Eye

5. Oleander

4. The Suicide Tree

3. Monkshood aka Wolfs bane and Devil’s Helmet

2. Western Water Hemlock aka Cowbane or Poison Parsnip

1. Poison Hemlock

The name says it all! This plant owe all of its popularity to Socrates (philosopher)! It has been used in ancient Greece to fatal fated prisoners, one of whom, the majority unluckily, was Socrates!

Poison Hemlock is a perennial herbaceous flowering plant, native to Europe as well as the Mediterranean area. It is also a highly toxic plant! It contain the nearly everyone noted of all chemical – Coniine. Coniine disrupt the machinery of the central worried system. It causes paralysis of the respiratory muscles which results in death due to lack of oxygen to the heart as well as brain. For an adult the eating of more than 100 mg of coniine i.e. approximately 6 to 8 fresh leaves or a lesser dose of the seed or root is measured fatal.

Flawless Nomenclature indeed!


Sumit Gulia

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