10 Most Common Ways in Which Teachers Punish Students


10 Most Common Ways in Which Teachers Punish Students

“TELL YOUR DAD TO MEET ME IN MY OFFICE TOMORROW AND BE READY by means of AN EXPLANATION FOR THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR.” sound familiar! Doesn’t it? positively movies of your classroom and your eccentric teacher who second-hand to derive cruel pleasure by punishing you have to be flashing in your mind. It certainly runs a chill down your backbone and give you a brain-wracking day. It is so commanding that it can make you call off the long-awaited hangout diagram in a jiffy. At times, it make us cry and at other era it makes us laugh. YES, I am discussion about the most dread ‘P’ word on Earth-“sentence”.

As much as we revulsion it, all of us have skilled it at some or the other point in our live and there is nothing healthier than school to lecture us the cycle of punishments in addition to rewards. Punishments last lengthy; they generate an permanent impression on our live and help us in differentiating right from wrong. However, nobody in this world can match up to your school teacher in devising new technique to punish you. Bet to differ? They have the calibre to conceive of dramatic conduct to punish you which you couldn’t encompass imagined in the wildest of your imaginings. Perhaps, this is an innate teacher thing which, we, student are unable to comprehend. Not complete your homework? Get prepared to be beaten up black in addition to blue. I am sure you might recall frequent ways in which your teachers contain punished you. Here are the

10. Impositions

9. Taking away privileges

8. Physical Punishments

7.  Kneeling down on the floor

6. Time Out from Class

5. Public Humiliation

4. Detention

3. Calling parents

2. Principal’s Office

1. SLAP!

Dear teachers,

we need love not punishment. We learn better whilst we are treated with be concerned, compassion and liking. Please keep that ruler at inlet and embrace the equipment of love and understanding. readily available are other ways of creation us follow only if you go after those better ways. I am sure with joint understanding and trust we can as one make the classroom a a great deal better place. School will not be fear in the generations to approach if we- You and Me assist with each other.

Sumit Gulia

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